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ANGELS WITHOUT HALOS is a suspense novel set in South Carolina. Love is blind, but is justice colorblind? 


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I didn't just sit down and start cranking out novels. It's been a long process and a learning process. And it still continues. My biggest asset has been an online writing/critiquing site. That's where I met some great people and we helped each other up the writing ladder. All of us working hard to learn the craft and better ourselves as writers. And of course, everyone needs a good editor. I found the best in the business!

After having my first manuscript rejected by fifteen agents in 2010, I thought perhaps, just maybe, there was an outside chance I needed to sharpen my skills. In went in search of help. FREE help! What I discovered was a site that has been instrumental in my development as a writer. was a godsend. Other authors are there trying to do the same thing. In order to post your own chapter, you must critique others works to build up credits. Once you get three credits (that's how much it costs to post your own chapter) you can put up a chapter and others will quite happily tell you what they think of it--but also how to improve it. I have writing pals I still turn to when I have an issue, be it plot or publishing, they're there to help.


You have to join to see how it works exactly, but like I said--it's FREE!

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D.K. Deters



D.K. and I have a solid partnership. We met on CC and have carried on our writing alliance off the CC pages in private emails. She helped me with Southern Harm as I wrote it. She gave me feedback along the way that helped shaped the characters and her suggestions were instrumental in how the book turned out. Beyond that, she's a writer herself with a knack for Western Romance. D.K. has been holding out for a traditional publishing contract and she finally has one for one of her novellas. We're hoping she also gets a contract for The Texan's Favor. I helped her with that while she helped me with SH. She has become my 'Go To' person. Keep your eye out for her. A remarkable writer.


Chantel Rhondeau



I met Chantel on Critique Circle (CC) where we became friends and writing buddies. She has far outpaced me for writing racking up over 15 titles to her credit so far! Romance is here genre and she writes it very well. Check out this talented author.


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Michele Shriver



Michele is another one of my CC writng buddies. We wrote our first novels at the same time, giving each other feedback to get the best results. Michele is another hotshot with more than 20 titles to her name! She specializes in Women's Fiction, Romance, and has a talent for incorporating sports in to the love mix. And if you're a hockey fan, Michele has the books for you. Check her out.

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Angela Wiechman



Every writer should have an editor. My writing friends are marvelous for offering feedback and making suggestions, but an editor is different. For one thing, they think differently than a writer--and it's fair to say more observant to errors. Angie offers a different kind of service. She doesn't simply go through my manuscript looking for mistakes, she gets in tune with not only my novel, but with me. She helps develop me as a writer, and my manuscript for the reader. And that's why I consider her

The Best Editor in the Business



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