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The Carolina Calling Series


I started this book long before the George Floyd tragedy and the racial tension those events sparked. When I moved back to America from the UK in 2014,

I was amazed at how often the news reported about

people of color being shot by police.

Quite often the news summary followed with

"He didn't do it." I wondered to myself, "What if he did do it?"

The concept is not new, but as a writer, I wanted to explore what might happen if a man of color and a pillar of the community is not all he appears to be.


Because of the content, this is my most edited book. I employed two professional editors, eight beta readers, and three sensitivity readers (Yes, that's a real thing.) One of my readers mentioned she loved Noir Fiction:

Noir works, whether films, novels, or short stories, are tales about people, including (or especially) protagonists who are seriously flawed and morally questionable. The plot involves characters whose greed, lust, jealousy, and alienation lead them into a downward spiral as their plans and schemes inevitably go awry. The machinations of their relentless lust will cause them to lie, steal, cheat, and even kill as they become more and more entangled in a web from which they cannot possibly extricate themselves.


Yep, that sounds about right


Meet Isaiah and Yvette Hightower in


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Here's what the readers have said:

*Travis Casey is a writer who takes chances. I laughed and shook my head as political correctness took a giant leap out the window.

*I quite enjoyed what the theme of this book had to say about minority inclusion, and the alleged faultiness of crediting minorities to meet a quota, or for color and/or sexual orientation alone

*Someone from any ethnicity could read this book and still laugh, enjoy, and relate to the perspective from both sides

*This book hits the current political situation right between the eyes with incredible precision.

*Travis Casey states that he refuses to write safe, and he doesn’t. It includes dialogue that makes you want to cringe, but at the same time, it’s realistic.

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                          Travis Casey

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Travis Casey is an American/British novelist and memoirist.

Think "Mark Twain meets Sophie Kinsella" and you'll have a 

Travis Casey book to enjoy by the beach.


                           Author of Light-hearted Fiction and Satirical Memoirs



What is a beach read book? Most of all, they're fun. Casey takes the reader by the hand and leads them through suspenseful adventures--and misadventures--in an uncomplicated way. Irony, satire, wit, and humor are the main staples of his storytelling. The magic of his writing is in its simplicity.

If he says "Roses are red," they are red.

It is not symbolic of blood being spilled from being pricked by one of the thorns from the roses.


You'll never know where he's going to take the story. Just sit back, relax, and let him take you on a fun-filled journey.

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