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                          Travis Casey

                              A Beach Read Writer

               Relax. Have Fun. Read a Travis Casey Book!


Travis Casey is an American/British novleist and memoirist.

Think "Mark Twain meets Sophie Kinsella" and you'll have a

Travis Casey book to enjoy by the beach. 

                           Author of Light-hearted Fiction and Satarical Memoirs



What is a beach read book? Most of all, they're fun. Casey takes the reader by the hand and leads them through suspenseful adventures--and misadventures--in an uncomplicated way. Irony, satire, wit, and humor are the main staples of his storytelling. The magic of his writing is in its simplicity. If he says "Roses are red," they are red. It is not symbolic of blood being spilled from being pricked by one of the thorns from the roses.


You'll never know where he's going to take the story. Just sit back, relax, and let him take you on a fun-filled journey.

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