After a racing bet goes wrong, Kentucky's most eligible bachelor, Oscar Novak-Chambers, is up to his neck in it with ruthless loan shark Louie Gomez. Oscar finds himself in an impossible position when the family's good standing with the governor is put in jeopardy when he must ask for state land to keep Louie from causing him serious harm. What about the governor's daughter, Stacey? As a prosecutor, she can help. Right?

            Travis Casey 

 Author of Light-Hearted Fiction and Satirical Memoirs


I am an in-print entertainer, using light-hearted and comedic writing to move the story from A to Z. It's an "Easy Reading" style, perfect for the beach or vacation.


All my novels contain some romantic element—some more than others. Two people coming getting together is the most natural thing in the world. How one chooses to do that can be highly entertaining. That's where I come in.  My male characters tend to have an Alpha mentality with a Charlie execution. My women are strong. I enjoying writing the female characters because it is the only time I can control what a woman thinks, says, and does!


Yet while the romance is struggling to blossom, I use humor, suspense, and a little bit of mystery to keep everyone guessing—the characters and myself included.


American-born and Navy bred, I settled in the England in 1992. But that's not the end of it. Having ping-ponged across the Atlantic a few times from 2014-2018 has opened my world up to writing three memoirs. One does not move from the UK, to the US, and back to the UK without incident.


I'm currently residing in England with my wife Wendy, living in beautiful  East Sussex in the Southeast of England. People have I asked me over the years "If you could live anywhere you wanted, where would it be?"

Well, I'm here.







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