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I write to entertain through light-hearted and comedic writing. It's an "Easy Reading" style, perfect for the beach or vacation.


All my novels contain some romantic element--some more than others. I think a guy and a girl getting together is the most natural thing in the world and how one chooses to do that can be highly entertaining. Yet while the romance is struggling to blossom, I use humor, suspense, and a little bit of mystery to keep everyone guessing--the characters and myself included.


With my first novel, Trouble Triangle

I have created three very different books with the Tyler's Trouble Trilogy Series. Although the trilogy spans three phases of Tyler's Navy career, each book stands alone and has its own beginning and conclusion. It's a military setting, but they are not military books. They are strictly for fun.


Tyler Chambers is not a fire-breathing Alpha Male. He's an ordinary guy who has a knack for finding trouble. He starts life as a stereotypical sailor just out to have a good time. If only life were that simple...


Trouble Triangle is a romantic comedy and the first book in the series.  Tyler finds two women want him...or is it that he wants two women? No matter. He finds himself in a twisted triangle that can only lead to deception and trouble. 


He leaves Trouble Triangle and heads for Oceans of Trouble on a sea-going frigate, traveling to the far side of the world. Tyler really could use a friend, but is surrounded by psychos. His exsistence at sea and on shore becomes a fight for survival.


Forbidden Trouble sees Tyler's assignment get switched to repairing submarines in Scotland--and he is not happy. But will pretty women be able to change his mind about it? Even if the relationship is forbidden? Find out in the thrilling conclusion to his trilogy.


Foreigner In My Own Backyard was released in late July 2014. Join me on a funny journey as I leave England and attempt to become an American once again, after living as an Englander for the past twenty years. Fact really is stranger than fiction.


December 2014 saw the release of Foreigner On My Own Front Porch, the sequel and continuing saga from Foreigner In My Own Backyard. Life doesn't get any easier, only funnier.


Enemy Of My Enemy is my latest book written with Melissa Mayberry. This is a fast paced action adventure with romance in the air in amongst all the gunfire. A unique novel not to be missed. Find out how it was written here.


COMING SOON: SOUTHERN HARM After a racing bet goes wrong, Kentucky's most eligible bachelor, Oscar Novak-Chambers, is up to his neck in it with ruthless loan shark Louie Gomez. Oscar finds himself in an impossible position when the family's good standing with the governor is put in jeopardy when he must ask for state land to keep Louie from causing him serious harm. What about the governor's daughter, Stacey? As an ex-prosecutor, she can help. Right?


Not Yet Released:


SOUTHERN HARM is a murder suspense novel set in Kentucky where Oscar Novak-Chambers sets out to woo the governor's daughter. But are his motives flesh driven or for political leverage?

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