Foreigner In My Own Backyard



They say "You can never go back."

Travis Casey did.

And this is what happened.




A family crisis brings Travis Casey back to the land he used to call home after living in England for the past two decades.

His parents need him – not as a carer as he expected, but as someone to drive them from Florida back to their home in Minnesota.

Just as well; he’s not a caring person, but he is a damn good driver.


But the country is not how he left it…


Casey uses his own brand of humor to explore what has changed in America since he lived there – that’s when he’s not recounting the chaos that occurs as he attempts to reestablish himself as an American. Entering the United States with his British wife is more difficult than he had anticipated.




A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

--Chinese Proverb

A journey of seven thousand miles begins with a trip to the US Embassy

-- Travis Casey Experience



I live in a town on the south coast of England known as God's Waiting Room. People come here to die then forget what they came for. Bexhill-on-Sea in East Sussex is a lovely seaside town and it's a great place to live – and die – and although I consider England my home, I'm not really English.

In fact, I'm treated like a foreigner everywhere I go.

A family situation has prompted me to leave my adopted motherland and return to the United States. Although I'm a born and bred American, apprehension races through my blood as I return to my birth country after living in Britain for the past twenty-two years.

I have written three novels and have been working on my fourth, but this was an opportunity to write a different kind of book. Still humorous in content, as my novels are meant to be, but much closer to home. So I've put my fictional worlds to one side for the time being to focus on my repatriation to the United States.

Although some subjects may be sensitive, I don't do heart-wrenching; so I've looked at things from the funny side of life. This book is not meant to be a factual report, merely my perception of things.

I don't like prologues as a general rule, but I have included one for this book to give a background of how I got where I am today.

And this is what it is like to feel like a…

Foreigner In My

Own Backyard



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