The Trilogy Comes to Life

Visit my new page, Tyler's Picture Page. Tyler Chambers was my first character and he followed in my Naval footsteps. Like me, he went to Hawaii, then a seagoing frigate, and ended up in Scotland. He now has a dedicated picture page to help readers visualize his journey. Before or after reading the trilogy, enjoy these pics!


is now FREE!

Now you can see where Tyler's Trouble all began for free.

To avoid jail, Tyler joins the Navy in 1982 and gets stationed in Hawaii.

Soon after arriving, he gets a date with Holly, the best-looking girl on the base. 

Then he befriends Debbie, a soulmate in the making.

With two girls in paradise and living a carefree life,

why does he wish he had taken the jail sentence?

 Find out in this story of love, lust, and blackmail ...

but who's doing what to whom?

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