Foreigner On My Own Front Porch



The drama continues in Minnesota.




There’s only one thing to do when people around you are having heart attacks, being threatened with deportation, suffering manic attacks of epic proportions, breaking promises about truck deliveries, or missing Greyhound buses … Simply go with the flow—then write a book about it.


Leaving England and moving to America, novelist Travis Casey and his British wife, Wendy, move in with his parents to help them with life in general during their advancing years.

As Travis attempts to reestablish himself as the American he was two short decades ago, he soon discovers his former homeland has changed its rules, values, and attitudes. And when bureaucrats are put between an act of nobility and common sense, things are bound to become complicated.


As he and Wendy endeavor to make life easier for their loved ones, they battle with immigration rules, trips to the hospital become a matter of routine, and a boy and his truck are on their way from California to join them; All this while Travis struggles with the ‘New’ America.


Do Travis and Wendy have what it takes to earn valuable gold stars to show off in the afterlife?


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