Southern Harm



A stand alone novel with some familiar characters.

27 years after Forbidden Trouble, Tyler and Darcy have a son, Oscar, who has the same knack for finding trouble as his father. 

The Novak-Chambers' are people of wealth. The governor of Kentucky is a man of power. It is a relationship both sides have exploited for decades. When a newly elected governor takes office, the family prepare for a meeting to keep that relationship thriving.


Oscar Novak-Chambers is Kentucky's most eligible bachelor and heir to the family's horse-racing empire. He has everything—including a gambling problem. To keep his habit secret from his family, he borrows money from Louie Gomez, a loan shark, and puts it on a horse. All he needs is one big win. All the gangster needs, however, is a dubious favor from the governor's office. He sees Oscar as the man to get it—then he makes sure Oscar is put in a position where he can't say no.


Oscar's meeting with the Governor Davenport goes well, then becomes intriguing when he is introduced to his daughter, Stacey. Despite her erratic personality, Oscar is attracted to her but is uncertain whether it has to do with physical pleasures or the political leverage she can offer with her father.


He soon discovers that as a former prosecutor she's working with the DA to bring down Kentucky's criminal hierarchy—and Louie Gomez is on her list. But Stacey has her own secrets. Will she be able to keep her skeletons buried?


As the web of lies unravel, hidden secrets turns deceit into a motive for murder.



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