No Halo Required

Should a wife support her husband at all costs, or do the right thing?

Perhaps supporting her husband is the right thing.


Isaiah Hightower has everything a forty-nine-year-old man could want: respect as a high school principal; admiration as a leader in the black community; and a wife who would do anything for him.

Despite his shining public image, Isaiah's life is plagued with indiscretions. When these threaten to unravel his world he silences the threat by any means necessary.


When his wife, Yvette, witnesses her husband's greatest sin, her life is about to change forever. But it doesn't have to. One lie will protect her lifestyle and save her husband's reputation.

NOTE From the Author:

I stepped out of my comfort zone with this one. Rather than my usual romance/comedies/suspense or memoir genre that are character-driven, I wanted to write a plot-driven novel. Simply meaning I was the one in control of where the story was going as opposed to letting the characters run wild and write the script. When I finished, one must assign a genre where it neatly fits on the shelf. Well, No Halo Required does have suspense and it does qualify as women's fiction, so I thought I was sorted. Then one of my test readers came late to the party and claimed how much she loved Noir fiction. Yes, I had to look it up. And you know what, it fits. So in addition to contemporary women's fiction, I've classed it as Noir fiction as well. For those unfamiliar with the genre, here's a broad description:


Noir fiction (or roman noir) is a subgenre of crime fiction. Noir works are tales about people, including (or especially) protagonists who are seriously flawed and morally questionable. The fiber is about characters whose greed, lust, jealousy, and alienation lead them into a downward spiral as their plans and schemes inevitably go awry. The maneuverings of their relentless lust will cause them to lie, steal, cheat, and even kill as they become more and more entangled in a web from which they cannot possibly remove themselves.


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