My writing career began with Tyler's Trouble Trilogy when Tyler Chambers joined the Navy to avoid a jail sentence. His adventures spanned the 1980s in three stand-alone novels that began in Hawaii in the quirky romantic comedy Trouble Triangle. Wanting to escape the abnormality of twisted relationships, Tyler found himself on a Navy warship sailing around the Western Pacific desperately trying to avoid psychotic shipmates in the comedic suspense novel, Oceans of Trouble. That didn't work out so well and he found himself in Scotland, not only repairing nuclear submarines, but also embarking on an atomic relationship with Darcy Novak—the ultimate forbidden fruit in this full-blown romance, Forbidden Trouble. (For adults only there is an erotic version with the same laughs and a lot more steam in the Forbidden Trouble 18+ edition).

While writing my next novel, life took a funny turn and I returned to the United States after living in England for twenty-two years. While repatriating myself to the USA, I soon felt like a Foreigner In My Own Backyard. So I wrote about it. The complications continued to provide inspiration (and material), so I wrote a sequel, Foreigner On My Own Front Porch.

With the memoirs seemingly out of my system, I finished a novel I had been working on with Melissa Mayberry. We wrote alternate chapters—not knowing what the other one would write and then have to respond in kind—and released the romantic suspense, Enemy of My Enemy.

I finally finished the novel I began working on before we moved to America and released the book about Tyler's and Darcy's son, Oscar, in the romantic suspense, Southern Harm.

After four years in America, we decided to return to England, but not before I had the stupid idea to buy a second-hand RV and drive from Minnesota to Florida. Mark Twain said it best "It's no wonder that truth is stranger than fiction. Fiction has to make sense." Those words become a reality in RV There Yet? The true story of a motoring nightmare.

My first trip into Noir fictionNo Halo Required (winner of the 2023 Incipere Award) is a suspense novel set in the Deep South. Man, this one was a lot of editing work to get it right. I hope you enjoy it.

Following the success of No Halo Required, I felt encouraged to write a sequel. The Mayor's Race is political satire with suspense and romance mixed in. Not wanting to stop with a two-book series, I wrote the finale of the Carolina Callings series with Dark Alley to Power. Will Yvette hopes to find happiness in the governor's mansion, but she has to get there first--and there are forces working against her. 

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Books by Travis Casey

*Trouble Triangle

*Oceans of Trouble

*Forbidden Trouble

*Forbidden Trouble 18+

*Foreigner In My Own Backyard

*Foreigner On My Own Front Porch

*Enemy of My Enemy (written with Melissa Mayberry)

*Southern Harm

*RV There Yet?

* No Halo Required

* The Mayor's Race

* Dark Alley to Power









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